When to send flowers: occasions that you might miss


“You do not need an occasion to make someone feel special. You simply need flowers!” Flowers of all colors, various forms and brilliant fragrances can brighten up anyone’s day. Though people consider flowers to be occasion-specific, in reality you do not need any occasion to gift your dear ones a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Flowers are indeed the best and most sorted gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. But there are some times in your life when you need to pick someone you up and make them feel more motivated or maybe just make their day more memorable. In such cases, a good bouquet of flowers should be your go-to! Hence, In vogue Blooms has curated a list of some of the lesser-known events when you can gift flowers to your closed ones and make their day-

  • Weekends-

Weekends are the time to chill, lay back, take a break and relax. While on most weekdays we spend time waiting for the weekend, our Saturdays and Sundays are mostly spent mulling over one thing or the other. Hence, for a friend who has been keeping low lately a bouquet of flowers can work like magic. With them you can also send across a pleasant note asking for their well-being and try to get their spirits high. A statement like “I know it’s tough but I am here for you- today and always!” will definitely make them smile wide. Moreover, the lingering fragrance will make them remember you and the efforts you put into the bond.

At In Vogue Blooms, we understand how special this gesture is and hence we put in the best-quality, fresh flowers which can be customised to suit your taste.

  • To appreciate someone’s efforts-

Whether it’s a friend, either of your parents or one of your colleagues, thanking someone for all the efforts they put in for you is always the best thing to do. So, if your colleague has put in some extra hours to help you with the task you have at hand, or if your dad just drove to your place to aid you with some plumbing work then it’s an event to show them how thankful you are. And what better way to do this, than with some nice smelling, freshly blooming flowers!

  • To cherish a shared memory-

Is it that day of the year when several years ago you first met your partner? Is it the day when you and your friend first bunked the class? Or is it the day your brother got his first pet? Whatever be the reason, however little they might seem like but they actually are the events that need to be celebrated with fervour. Sending a beautiful, personalized bouquet of flowers across can get the deed done subtly and suitably. In addition to this, it can help you and your loved one cherish a shared memory of the day you smiled so wide or laughed so hard or maybe fell in love!

  • Before your friend has an important event-

A nice bouquet of flowers after a wonderful event has occurred in your closed one’s life can seem to be a very common way of sending them your best wishes. But what makes your loved ones feel all the more special, motivated or encouraged is if you send them flowers before an important occasion of their life. So, if your actor friend has a very important audition tomorrow or if your niece is just about to write a very crucial exam of her life, then these events account for the list. As a result, sending flowers beforehand are a way to send them good luck and can help them get through the event with goodness and grace.

  • To thank them for their presence in your life-

Anyone and everyone you are close to in your life needs your love, affection and attention every once in a while. Flowers are a great way to do this and make your near and dear ones feel that you care. A good, handwritten note is cherry on the cake. So, to a friend who just listened to all your blabbering, or to a mother who cooks all your favourite dishes whenever you visit her or to your partner who always gets your back, you can send them a pretty and prim bouquet of chosen flowers. Just like flowers help sick people feel better, they make your life feel better than the best. Making your loved ones feel special is all the more important because of the ongoing pandemic and the mental health damage it has done. Hence, such little, happy gestures are more important now.

At In Vogue Flowers, we help you select the best flowers for all your special occasions. Whether the event is big or small, no occasion is ordinary. Occasions are always special, but what makes them memorable is your gesture. We provide you best quality flowers and top-notch services too. What’s more is that we have several years of experience in this domain which helps us get very apt recommendations for you. So, what are you waiting for? Head to our online store and choose what works the best for you. We are sure you will find what you are looking for. This will help you adorn the special moments of your life as well as your loved ones. Ans isn’t it what flowers are carved out for? All of this and your smiles thereafter.

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