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WinterOur 10 Best Selling Flower Arrangements

Our 10 Best Selling Flower Arrangements


Flowers can make any occasion even more special and feel better. Carrying a bouquet to birthdays or anniversaries or even work wise brings a smile on the face of your loved ones. While we love all the flowers we have, arranging them in bouquets is our most favourite thing. Indeed, a mix and match of flowers appear stunning when put together. So, the next time you got to gift someone a bouquet of flowers you know that you should head to our online store because we have a lot, we swear, we have a lot of options you can select from. We have curated a list of our top 10 best selling flower arrangements and they are enlisted as below-

  • Timeless Handtie

If you want to go in for something sober in personality and light in appearance, then this bouquet might just be for you. It is delicate and gorgeous at the same time. It is best suited for events like birthday, Mother’s Day, sympathy events or as wedding flowers.

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/timeless-handtie/)

  • Premium White Rose

Nothing loud, very light and eye-catching in appearance, this bouquet is sure to make your date go all wow! It comes with gypsophila and together they go like bread and butter. So the next time you are looking for something unique for Valentine’s Day, check out this one!

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/premium-white-rose/)

  • New Born Arrangement

This flower arrangement is specially designed for new born boy or girl and it comes along with a soft toy and balloons. It can also be customised on further demand and discussion. A pro pick for your newly born niece or nephew! Isn’t it?

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/new-born-arrangement/)

  • New Romance

Looking for something stunning for your first date? Do you want to gift them something to woo them away in the first go? Then here you have a gorgeous bouquet of twelve mix roses and babysbreath bouquet. A perfect gift for your partner or date! See them blush and smile all day long.

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/new-romance/)

  • Lush

Looking for something really posh and pretty? Then here you go! Lush is a wonderfully arranged bouquet available in three different sizes. Choose the one you like and grab it! Apt for Mother’s Day, Pot Plant, Sympathy event or as Wedding Flowers.

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/lush/)

  • Half a Dozen Red Roses

This is the most classic and the most basic bouquet of red roses in combination with greenery. There can be nothing better than Half a Dozen Red Roses for your date night or Valentine’s Day. Colours are subject to availability.

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/half-a-dozen-red-roses/)

  • Honey

If you are looking for something to gist to a friend who loves flowers, then you should check out this flower arrangement. It is a bouquet of pink roses and greenery. It is perfect for Graduation, date, or birthdays.

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/honey/)

  • Flower Bowl

If you want to brighten up your interiors and make them smell and look fresh, then opt for a Flower Bowl. It comes with flora arranged in a simplistic design in a glass bowl, all set to pop on a table. Seasonal variations in availability may lead to sourcing of an alternative.

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/flower-bowl/)

  • Floral Chic

This is a bunch of pretty blooms filled with seasonal shades of pink and packaged in water which is suitable to last a day. An appropriate choice for Graduation, Mother’s Day or House Warming ceremony.

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/floral-chic/)

  • Autumn Bouquet

Are you looking for something peppy and bright? Then here you go! Autumn Bouquet has beautiful autumn-coloured flowers, beautifully arranged to melt your loved one’s heart away. Flowers are subject to availability and if these are not available then due efforts will be made to match and find alternatives as close to this as possible.

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/autumn-bouquet/)


These are only our 10 bestselling bouquets out of the many others we have in stock. You can have a look at our online store for the same. So, visit and check out for yourself. Be it birthdays, date night or funerals, we have something right for each of it and so much more. Happy shopping!

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