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WinterLifting the mood with happy flowers

Lifting the mood with happy flowers

Research suggests that flowers and their colors can have a lot of positive impact on our mood, attitude and above all on our happiness quotient. With Covid-19 hitting the world and the times becoming grim, we as humans have become very depressed with the on-goings around us. In such times, a little gesture of love and care, to show your near and dear ones that you are there for them can bring a lot of happiness to you as well as to them.

Flowers are a great way of showing your friends, family and overall, your near and dear ones how much you love and miss them. A little note of love always adds to the gesture. And here’s why flowers are so special and so apt to make this gesture:

  • Flowers come in bright and warm colors. Colors like pink, yellow, red, pastel shades are said to uplift our mood. They also come across as little pops of happiness whenever placed in a room and bring smile to your face.
  • Secondly, flowers come in amazing fragrances. They are sweet, mild and happy and create an aura of pleasure and cheerfulness. This is the reason why happy occasions are often celebrated by gifting and receiving and decorating your houses with flowers.

Flowers symbolize vibrancy, positivity and gaiety and are hence the best way to make your loved ones happy and smiling.

At In Vogue Blooms, we have a rich collection of flower bouquets you can select from and make your special ones feel a little more special.

We recommend you some from our collection and they are as below:

  • Bright Bloom Bag

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/bright-bloom-bag/)

A bundle of bright flowers wonderfully wrapped up in a bag, so that your loved ones can directly pop them in a vase or brighten up a corner of their room and hearts. It is sure to make them smile and you as well.

  • Bunch of Delight:

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/bunch-of-delight/)

It is the perfect bouquet to cheer up your someone special and make their day. This bouquet is specially designed in a subtle, classic way with a range of colorful flowers.  It is water wrapped to last a day. What’s even better is that it is very tastefully designed with a variety of blooms subject to availability.

  • Bold Bouquet

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/bold-bouquet/)

Do you wish to send your friend a boost up? Or do you wish to make them feel simply more pumped up and energetic? Then here’s the right bouquet choice for you. Bold Bouquet is a flat back bouquet which may also come with a teddy bear if you may like it as an addition. It is perfectly suited for grim and dull days and is a gush of good energy and vibes.

  • Basket of Love:

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/basket-of-love/)

All you long distance love birds here, has distance made your life a little tougher? Do you wish to make your lover sitting far away smile like never before? Then here’s a catch for you! Basket of Love comes with roses, teddy and balloons and all the mushy things which might be a perfect fit for your loved one.

  • Hand Tie of White Roses:

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/hand-tie-of-white-roses/)

If you wish to send someone a gentle smile, something peaceful amidst the worldly chaos then a bouquet of white roses is perfect for you. It is the classic way of sending someone peaceful vibes and a hint of mild fragrance.

  • Mini Orchid Plants

(Source: https://invogueblooms.co.nz/index.php/product/mini-orchid-plants/)

Orchids are a sign of simplistic energy and vigor. Mini orchid plants are much needed in these difficult times since they bring in with them a sense of goodness, fragrance and happy energy. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one today and let it reach your most special friend or cousin!

These are just few of the selected alternatives from our range of beautiful, creative and fragrant range of flowers and bouquets. You can check all that is in season right now and contact us to customize them in case you need anything specific. We will try our best to find and deliver to you the bouquet of your dreams. Here’s to flowers, smiles, healing and happy times ahead!

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