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Popular Flowers for Get Well Soon

When your friends or someone from your family is unwell, then a little pop of colour and fragrance can definitely do them some good. And what’s the smartest way to pack these two in one thing and send them in one go? Of course, it’s flowers! They are bright, beautiful and fragrant at the same time.

First let us understand the reason behind sending flowers to a sick relative or friend. In ancient times, naturopathy which includes the development of medicines from parts of plants including stems, leaves and flowers was the only source of medicine. And thus, plants and flowers were the primitive ingredients of a lot of medicines. Flowers were also chosen as healers because of their good smell and appearance. Flowers are also thought to bring a lot of positivity and happy vibes with them.

Here are some tips on how to select the perfect flowers to make your sick buddy smile bright and wide:

  • Seasonal flowers are the best alternatives you can get because they are fresh and blooming.
  • Mild and subtle scents are the best ones because intense smells can sometimes cause allergies.
  • It is better to gift natural flowers rather than the ones which are chemically treated.
  • Vibrant colours work best and bring a lot of positivity.

Let us now have a look at all the flowers you can send with a good warm message which says “Get Well Soon!” while there are many options out there, we have selected the best and the most popular ones for you today.

  • Daisies

A bouquet of daisies whether white or coloured is the best way to deliver your “Get Well Soon” message with. Not only are these warm and subtle in appearance, but they also look classy when placed in a bedroom or a hospital room. A perfect way to wish your dear ones happier and brighter days ahead!

In spiritual sense, daisies symbolise innocence and purity and hence it makes perfect sense to gift them to someone who is not keeping well. What’s more is that various different types of daisies were used as medicinal herbs long ago.

  • Tulips

In addition to being gorgeous, bright and big, tulips have tons of health benefits. The fragrance of tulips is so calming and advantageous for health that tulip oil is used as a natural room freshener and essential oil to bring positive and happy vibes to your body and life. Many people use the tulip fragrance in form of oil or others during their yoga or meditation sessions as well.

Thus, these wonderful tulips with little notes of good health and happy times ahead are the perfect way to give a sick relative instant kick of positivity.

  • Sunflowers

If your unwell relative has been feeling a little too low and needs to be cheered up then sunflowers are the best alternative you can gift. Sunflowers because of their bright, gleaming yellow colour work as harbingers of smile and good thoughts to any person. Get your loved one a specially curated sunflower bouquet and see them smile like good old happy times.

  • Lillies

Lillies are available in diverse and unique colours and while they all symbolise good health, different coloured lilies have different meanings. For example, the white coloured lilies symbolise purity and rebirth, the pink ones represent femineity and so on. It depends on who and why are you sending lilies to. But whatever the reason lilies are indeed one of the most touching and heartfelt ways to wish someone ‘Get Well Soon’.

There are many flowers like peonies, hydrangeas among others which also make for good “Get Well Soon” flower choices. At Invogue Blooms we have numerous bouquet options to select from. We also design customised bouquets according to your specifics and desires. Since all the flowers might not be available during all seasons, we do our best to provide you alternative seasonal blooms closest to ones you want. This is how you get to the win the heart of your loved ones and we get to win your hearts. It’s all done with flowers. There isn’t any better way. What’s your say on it?

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