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Top Tips for Sending Christmas Flowers


Christmas is just around the corner, and the festive vibes have already reached us, and we can’t wait to get the smell of those freshly baked Christmas cookies and have eggnog with our loved ones on Christmas Eve.

Apart from this unceasing excitement, there has also been a bit of anxiety in every one of us about what to give our loved ones for this Christmas. Christmas gifts are one of the most exciting rituals of this festival, and there is always this anxiety about what to buy and what they would like the most to have from us! This is one of the prime occasions where we make our close ones feel special and loved by sending them a warm message through our thoughtful presents.

And what could be the perfect classy way to express your feelings apart from bringing them beautiful and vibrant flowers? But, hang on a second, how would you find a perfect way to pick the perfect bloom for your person, which can bring nothing but a bright smile on their face?

Don’t worry, and we have got you! Here are the top tips you must read if you plan to gift fragrant flowers this Christmas to your special ones.

  • Do your research

Whether it’s vibrant Red roses, aromatic Jasmine, or pretty Lilies, Every flower represents a unique message. For instance, Red roses are a perfect symbolism for a romantic gesture, so it would not be a great idea to send them to your employee, right!

However, blue orchids or pink roses would be the ideal option if you won’t convey the message of admiration and beauty. Furthermore, you can even ask your florist to create a beautiful festive bespoke design for you to make your present more personalized.

  • Pick the colour schemes first

Decide what kind of colour schemes you would like to arrange distinctively. Be precise with your instructions or take the help of the creative mind of florists to make your present look beautiful than ever.

Other than that, the personalized message you put on the card is another essential thing that makes a huge impact on the message you are trying to convey to the recipient. Therefore, before calling the florist, decide what you would like to put on the card first.

  • Always order in advance.

Needless to say, it would be a pretty hectic festive season in floristry hence, placing an advance order would be the wise choice as it will benefit you in various ways.

For instance, it will save you from the scarcity of your favourite blooms on Christmas due to the high demand in the market. Moreover, you will get a chance to opt from long-lasting varieties if you are picking before the festive season.

  • Trust your eyes

If you are buying your Flower bouquet in person, make sure they are not even slightly wilted or turned up brown before you make a purchase.

Moreover, for advance purchases, you should turn up to the florists from whom you have gotten a positive experience before and serve your requirement with bespoke flower bouquets curated with precise care.

  • Watch out for the hidden fees.

Usually, if you are ordering online, not directly through a florist, the middleman will charge you a fair chunk of the amount for the purchase. And we are not even talking about the charges they take for customized curated flower bouquets yet!

Hence, always make sure you trust the right local florist that enables you to make a transparent transaction without charging any hidden charges.


Now, if you don’t want to get into such kind of fuss, rely on a trustworthy local florist who can curate an exquisite flower bouquet that can match your Christmas spirit.

In Vogue Blooms make sure their clients always get freshly picked lovely flowers as per their precise specifications. In addition to that, you would not need to worry about the late deliveries or the transparency of the online purchase in this festive season. As, we make sure every client gets our utmost priority regardless if you are purchasing online or buying in-person.

And after all, Christmas comes only once a year, then why should we not make it special by gifting our special ones the most beautiful gift that lightens up their room as well as their life, right?

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