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How to choose the right flowers for any occasion?

Flowers have been a part of our culture for both – the happy times and the sad since the beginning of this world. There of course are certain particular flowers suitable for different types of occasions and there is no one size fits all flower. Gifting and giving flowers to your close ones can convey to them a variety of emotions and flowers can be given on birthdays, death anniversaries, to someone who is unwell or to say sorry.

Here is a guide to help you pick the perfect flowers for your next occasion!

Valentine’s Day Flowers:

The most significant flowers to express love and which symbolize love by themselves are red roses. Pair them up with gypsies, tulips or just present them by themselves in a color combination of shades of red. You can customize a bouquet or pick a ready-made one from the options available on our website here.

Flowers to say “Congratulations”:

Is it your niece who is graduating? Or probably a friend who just landed a job? Is it a couple who is getting married or maybe your sibling who has scored amazingly on his test results? Whatever be your reason for saying congratulations flowers are a great way to convey your feelings. You can pick up some really fragrant and vibrant flowers to give for any or all of the above occasions. While pastel and light-toned flowers make a good choice for summertime darker ones are a good pick for the winter months.

Flowers to wish “Happy Birthday”:

Be it wishing a “Happy Birthday” to your loved one or a friend, flowers never go out of style. Gifting someone flowers on their birthday is an evergreen idea and when you put a message along with the flowers then it becomes all the more personalized. Elegant flowers like orchids, tulips, or someone’s favorite choice always make for a good choice. We have some amazing bouquet alternatives to select from and you can check out our website for that.

Sympathy flowers:

Mild-smelling flowers, white tulips or orchids, are the perfect choice to express condolences and sympathy. White flowers symbolize hope and goodwill. Chrysanthemums and carnations also add to the list of flowers that can be chosen. A sober arrangement makes for a classy choice. You can try and add a note to add a personal touch.

“Get Well Soon” flowers:

Bright flowers and a bouquet make the day of your sick loved ones. Whenever such vibrant flowers are placed in their hospital room or maybe just their bedrooms, the flowers bring a lot of good energy and happiness. Yellow, red, and orange flowers make the best choice for “Get well soon” bouquet choices.

Thankyou flowers:

Whenever you wish to express gratitude or thank someone, then you can gift them flowers. different types of flowers can mean different sentiments like hydrangeas mean “thank you for understanding” and similar. You can also choose flowers as per your recipient’s choice as well. Bouquets that have shades similar to their choices also make for great alternatives.

Flowers to say sorry

“To err is human” and being humans, we obviously create mistakes. But whenever we do so a good way to say sorry and convey your heartfelt feelings flowers is a great way. You can choose from white or pastel shades of flowers to symbolize peace and happiness. While flowers in the shades of yellow are for happiness.

There are many other occasions on which you can gift flowers and bouquets like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, on festivals, on baby showers, on the birth of a new baby, and so on. Every occasion calls for different types of flowers and a little bit of research can take you a long way ahead. The smiles on the face of your loved ones on seeing these flowers should leave you with a feeling of joy and satisfaction. From your spouses and partners to parents and grandparents, for friends and siblings, we have something which will suit everyone’s taste. At InvogueBlooms, we have flowers for every reason and every season. Believe it or not, Flower Power is a real thing and you got to believe it!

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