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How to plan a surprise birthday party with flower

Everyone has a most memorable day in the whole year, and it is nothing but their birthday. Birthdays are special at every age and surprise birthday parties make them unique. If you truly love someone, you want to celebrate their special day as a Gala. A surprise party is the best way to show them how precious they are to you and you genuinely adore them. But planning surprise parties is a bit challenging too, so here we are for you.

Everyone loves surprise parties, and there are many things which make you a perfect surprise party planner. Flowers are one of the best party props, and they can save you too. Here we’re going to tell you how.


Flowers are perfectly affordable for everyone, and if you plan a birthday party with some fresh flowers and a cake with some exotic wine, it will be a perfect treat for the birthday person. Decorate the party venue (you would’ve decided for the birthday) with only pastel-colored flowers. It can be fresh lilies or orchids. Pink and white roses will also give the venue a vibrant and sober look. It does not bother your pocket even at the end of the month. 

Creative and Therapeutic

Creativity attracts, and this is a universal truth. If a surprise birthday party is creatively planned with some colorful flowers, then definitely the happiness of your special one will be doubled. Think about some creative ideas like playing fun games with flowers. Use more flowers instead of balloons. Plan a treasure hunt game with a few bouquets at the venue. And also give flowers as a return gift. The fragrance of that flower might remind the guest how special it was that day. 

The Resemblance of your Love

We do not need to tell you that flowers are the significance of love, affection and admiration. Flowers can show how purely you can give someone a few precious moments of life. If you throw a surprise birthday party for someone, give them flowers as soon as they reach the venue. This gesture shows them how special they are to you and how much love you can give them. It also gives them a different look from others. If it is a birthday girl, provide them with a tiara made up of flowers. And if it is a birthday boy, tuck the flower into their coat or shirt.  

Can be Easily Arranged

Flowers can be found everywhere. You do not need to hustle much to arrange fresh fragrant flowers. These blooms are less expensive, can be pre-ordered, and you can find florists nearby very easily. You can also use some flowers from your garden. Even if you are planning the party at the very last moment, it would be the most convenient option for decoration and gifts. 

Best For Theme Party

If you are thinking of something huge-looking-alike, plan a theme party. It is not different from a regular party without any theme. But If you plan a party based on flowers, it will enhance the level of people’s enjoyment and their involvement in that event. Request your guest to wear an outfit like the floral print dress, bright & pastel colors outfits, or the particular color of the dress which matches the venue’s decorations. You can also request the guest to bring some flowers with the gift they are giving to the birthday boy or girl. 

Floral Cake

A birthday party is incomplete without a cake, and if a party is entirely based on flowers, then why not the cake! A floral cake would be a must-have thing for this party. A customized floral cake adds some extra wows to that party. There are some naturally edible flowers too. Those can be the key ingredient or the decoration for the cake. A cake covered with icing sugar flowers is readily available in any nearby cake shop or bakery. 


There are many more things and ideas you can create with flowers. And if it is a party and you are the host, you are free to do anything for your loved ones. So, take charge and start planning your party.

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